Quick Humps 6x Extra Hard Tropic or Basecoat

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Mr Zogs Sexwax Quick Humps 6x Extra Hard Tropic or Basecoat  Temperature Range: 78ºF/26ºC & Above 

Sexwax Quick Humps surfboard wax formulas are the "go to" choice for professional and experienced surfers around the world, now packaged in recyclable paperboard boxes. This new package is easy to open and can be reused to keep your leftover or partially used wax clean in its original package. Find the ideal balance between stability and stickiness by utilising these formulas alone or as part of a Basecoat/Topcoat combination. 

Using a single type of wax on your board is adequate for many & definitely more convenient. If you want to maximize the grip you get over your entire session, a combination of base coat & top coat is recommended.

A harder basecoat provides you with nice firm & stable bumps that are harder to smudge.  This firmer base then allows you to apply a softer & stickier top coat.  The end result is grippier bumps that are less likely to smudge, that will last longer too.

  • Features:
  • Easy to apply and smells great
  • Helps keep your feet planted firmly on your board
  • Made with Sex Wax’s tried-and-true formula
  • 85g